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A step-by-step guide to taking & submitting photos


Since we are designing your space without ever being able to visit in person we need to see your room from top to bottom and from different angles so it's like we're there with you.


  • Take pictures from different angles, making sure you have captured all of the room from the ceiling to the floor. 
  • Upload no more than 10 photos of your space.


  • Take a photograph of each piece of furniture or decor items (e.g. coffee table, lamp or your grandmother's candlesticks)
  • Include the dimensions of the piece so we have an accurate size.
  • You could put the measurements in a document or just hand write them on paper, take a photo of the paper, and upload it with your photos.


  • Include some photos of spaces that you have seen that you like. 
  • Inspiration can be found anywhere - online, in magazines or wherever you see spaces that inspire you. 
  • Upload no more than 5 inspiration photos.


Submitting your photos is simple and should just take a few minutes.  Once you’ve uploaded all of your photos to your personal Dropbox folder, we’ll be able to access them.

  1. Check the Welcome email that you received to find the link to your personal Dropbox folder.
  2. Click on the link to take you directly to the folder. 
  3. Click the Join Folder button. 
  4. Sign in to Dropbox to access your personal project folder.
  • EXISTING DROPBOX USERS - log in to your existing account
  • NEW DROPBOX USERS - follow the prompts to create a new account

If Dropbox does not automatically take you to your personal project folder, it can always be found in SHARED.  

Upload your photos:

  • COMPUTER - select the folder we shared with you and either DROP FILES or use the UPLOAD button to put your photos in the folder.
  • PHONE - you can easily upload photos directly from your photo library.